Welcome to the Writing Center!

Welcome to the newly formed Orion High School Writing Center.  Here you will find useful resources relevant to students, tutors, teachers, and parents.

What is a Writing Center?

A writing center is a place for students to come get help and feedback on their writing assignments.  The center is student-run, so all of our tutors are senior students that have plenty of experience with writing.  It is an environment where a student can talk through their work and have a person help them consider their strengths and weaknesses in a piece of writing.

A student can come in at any point during the writing process.  Whether they need help coming up with ideas, organizing their information, wording their first drafts, or polishing a final product, the tutors at the writing center can provide the help they need.

And it doesn't just have to be a pesky English paper.  Tutors can help with writing assignments from other classes:
  • Writing a history report
  • Researching and writing a speech or presentation
  • Putting together Rocketry or other math/science reports
  • Developing a journalism article

What a Writing Center is NOT.

If you're looking for someone to write your paper for you, then you're in the wrong place.  Students coming to talk with one of our tutors must take an active role in the discussions.  A tutor will not take a draft, revise it, and give it back to the student to fix.  Instead they will guide the student by listening to their paper, asking a series of questions about their writing, and offering useful writing suggestions.

The Writing Center is also not a place for students to come work on smaller homework assignments.  While a math assignment or a set of reading questions for English or Spanish may be important practice, the goal of our writing center is to provide students help with their more substantial writing assignments.