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Printing on Campus

OSU is a large campus, and therefore there are a number of different printing opportunities on campus. Largely, there are distinctions depending on the size of the item you want to print, and that's how this guide is written.

Last Updated: December 2016 by Nick McComb (www.nickmccomb.net)


If you want to print black and white, the best option is to use the printing available to all Engineers in the computer labs. You get 1000 sheets a term. If you are not an engineer, feel free to ask one to use their prints. Usually, they don't go through them all in a term.

For color, the best option known to OSURC is using the printers in the library that will bill your student account directly.

In the Clab (Club Lab), we also support printing using our network printer. You can print from any lab computer, or use it from Google Cloud Print by accessing its page at printer.osurobotics.club. The password for the printer is posted on its side. 


Printing this size, the Robotics Club has found printers in the basement of Milne Computing Center that are capable of billing you for printing. They are capable of color, and 11"x17".

Our preferred method of getting things printed this size is by using the MU XPress Stop (http://printmail.oregonstate.edu/xpress-stop). They are a very economical option and provided services such as laminating and cutting if desired. If they aren't busy, they can get your printing done relatively quickly.

>36" Color Glossy Poster
The College of Engineering provides large format printing for the Robotics Club. This service is available to members, but only through Officers. The Vice-President is the only OSURC member who is authorized to make print requests. If you have the authorization, you can get more information here [link]. Otherwise, you can ask an officer. Email OSURCofficers@engr.orst.edu for more information.