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Parts Sourcing

Here are a bunch of websites that club members have found useful for finding parts for their robots.

Contributors: Joel Goodman

AliExpress.com - This site is affiliated somehow with Alibaba.com, and it's like an extremely cheap version of Amazon. Shipping times are sometimes excruciatingly long, but the prices are almost always the best. If you're smart you'll order in bulk so you have parts on hand when you need them and you don't have to endure the shipping.

Amazon.com - If you are a prime member, Amazon offers the best balance between low prices and fast shipping. They also have everything from motor drivers to wires to cheap Arduino knockoffs.  Look for what you need on Amazon first, then go elsewhere.

Banggood.com - Pretty much the same story as Aliexpress/Alibaba. It's another one-stop shop for cheap Chinese-made components, and shipping is awful. But it's cheap!

Robotshop.com - These guys have a pretty good selection of tools for prototyping and robot building. Robotshop can be a little spendy but in a pinch, you could do a lot worse.

eBay.com - Very similar to AliExpress, lots of extremely cheap electronics straight from China.

McMaster.com - Literally almost anything can be found on McMaster-Carr. Some of the best things are fasteners, mechanical power transfer components and raw materials.

OnlineMetals.com - Great resource for raw stock materials. Aluminum, steel, plastics and a little bit of carbon fiber.