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Officer Bios

Here you can learn a little about your OSURC Officers! Each officer has filled out a Bio below. Feel free to contact anybody who you'd like! All of our Officers would be happy to talk to you!

Nick McComb
ECE Major
mccombn@oregonstate.edu | www.nickmccomb.net

I'm an ECE major and I love building robots! I run the Robotics Club, which means I am in charge of organizing the rest of the Officers. Feel free to contact me with anything club-related, and I'll get you in contact with the right person. I've done my share of building robots too! I currently work in the Ocean Mixing Group on campus building autonomous Kayaks! Check out my website for more. In the past, I've been the VP of the club, and the Electrical Lead for the Mars Rover team. Make More Robot! 
Dylan Thrush
ME/ECE Majors 
dylanthrush1@gmail.com | www.dylanthrush.com

I am a mechanical engineering student doing awesome stuff in the club! I am the Vice President, which means I get to manage the day to day things happening in the lab. I am also the Team Lead for our Mars Rover Team. Contact me with any general interest in the club. I currently work at mLab, I also be interned at Tesla Motors last summer. I got all of those jobs by my involvement in the club, either through contacts or the experience gained (hint!). Make More Robot!


Lab Manager 
Corwin Perren
CS Major
I'm a CS student that loves automation, random fun gadgetry, and of course, robots! As lab manager for the club, I'm the one you contact when something needs to be bought, or if you need a reimbursement, and whenever something needs work in our lab space. I was the electrical lead for the Mars Rover team in 2013-2014 and currently work as an ECE/CS Engineer and Engineering Team lead at Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Lab and a CEOAS lab. You can see the projects I've worked on at my website above. Make More Robot!
Dustin Diep
IE Major
I am a second-year IE major with a minor in education. I've been around the robotics club working with primarily Aerial projects and helping with administrative duties. I take notes and manage documentation, and I can probably help you if you need internal information about the club or hosting events or just getting information out to other members. I enjoy teaching too, so come to me if you're interested in spreading knowledge.
Make More Robot!
Aerial Team Lead
Michael Hand
ME Major
I am a second-year Mechanical Engineering student here at OSU. I've been a member of the Robotics Club for over a year. I constructed and repaired machines ever since elementary school. I work on all sorts of projects, from building my own quadcopter to rebuilding cars and creating my own air catapult. I earned two different welding certifications, FAA UAS certified, and FCC Technician Class Licenses. I also have experience with CAD, machining, and Arduino software.   

Underwater Team Lead 
Tyler Engquist
ME Major
I am currently a senior in pro school for mechanical engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  I feel it's important to have experience in both fields because they seem separate but once in the real world they have a very important bond.  I enjoy long walks on the beach... as long as I'm not lugging my ROV along with me.  I have experience with 3D modeling after being on the team last year and have generated designs for a pressure housing, camera housing, and buoyancy systems.  
Racing Team Lead 
Karl Payne
ME Major
I am a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in Fine Arts. I've been a member of the robotics club for a few years, first as a member of the Aerial team, and now as an officer of the Racing team. I've been working on robots since middle school FIRST robotics, and enjoy working on a variety of personal projects ranging from replica movie prop design to building quadcopters. I've got a ton of experience with CAD, shop tools, and machining, so if you need help, feel free to shoot me an email!
3D Printing Manager
Griffin Cerva
MfgE Major
I am a junior in Manufacturing Engineering. I became involved with the Robotics Club in my freshman year, participating on the Mars Rover Mechanical team. Now I primarily manage everything related to 3D printing in the club. I built and own the Griffinbot, the club's most used 3D printer. If you have any questions about 3D printing, even outside of the club, please contact me!
 Club Accountant
Jason Lemieux
OSU Major

I'm an Accounting and Business Information Systems major, also a Spanish minor. I joined the Robotics Club to learn about the business side of how the club is run, particularly the spending that goes on behind the scenes. My role involves keeping track of all the club's expenses and where exactly the money is going. I also work with the President and team leads to create budgets for various projects and make sure we'll have sufficient funding for them. Look out for the Financial Reports at the beginning of the month, and always feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!
Hardware Developer
Ryan Domres
ECE Major
I am a Senior in Electrical Engineering focusing on applications in mobile robotics. My time in the Robotics Club allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects from microcontroller system design to radio direction finding. The rest of my experience comes from working with Dr. Hurst in the Dynamic Robotics Lab developing first ATRIAS and now its succesor, CASSIE.
As the Hardware Developer I am available to help with any electrical designs for our members.
Store/FRC Manager
Jonathan Nutter
ME/CS Major
I'm an undergraduate at OSU. I'm a member of the robotics club, chess club, and games club at OSU. My passions are competitive gaming and robotics, and I hope to make a profession out of the latter. I've got 4 years of high school history as well as some volunteering experience with FRC, and am looking forward to filling in the OSU FRC Lead role.
FTC Manager
Audrina Hahn
ME Major
I am a mechanical engineering student who recently transferred from Portland Community College to learn more about robotics through the fantastic opportunities OSU offers. I have been volunteering for FIRST competitions in various capacities for 5 years and I really enjoy supporting the programs they offer to youth. I very much look forward to facilitating, and eventually expanding the FTC program here at OSU.
FLL Manager
Jennifer Pollock
Biology Major
I'm a Biology major and I have minors in Public Health and Chemistry and am also perusing Certificates in Medical Humanities and Applied Ethics. I am an Integrative Biology Department Peer Mentor and a member of the OSU Marching Band where I dance and spin rifles and flags as a member of the colorguard. As the OSURC FLL Manager I get to focus on finding ways for the club to support FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League Jr. which are youth programs for K-8 students.