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Installing Arduino IDE

It's your first time, you're a little nervous, it's ok- I'm here for you.

Arduino is an amazing opensource platform to quickly get up and running. CS heavy majors may complain about wasted space from the IDE, but this is clearly not for them.

The Arduino IDE [Integrated Development Environment] [program to write programs] is a simple, robust platform to program your robot. You'll find you can use an Arduino to build most robotic needs, just depends on the time you are willing to put into it.

2. Download the file for your specific system.
Sometimes the page pops up if you wish to donate. Because it's possibly your first time using their software clearly you don't know if their work is worth your money. Hit 'Just download'.

3.Once your install package [or .zip file] is downloaded, run it.
4. Follow the prompts to install- mostly click 'yes, have my soul' or 'yes, you can have admin access to my PC'.
5. Eventually the program will be on your system and you'll be able to run the Arduino IDE. 

Arduino runs off a variant of C++. It's very easy to learn, there are pre-installed example programs I HIGHLY recommend checking out. learncpp.com is a decent place to quickly learn most things, it's very in depth while also starting off basic enough to not scare many people away.
I also suggest reading 'The Arduino Cookbook' for ideas for robots, and to see his example code that makes them work.

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