How to Lead a Robotics Team

Effectively leading a robotics team is not easy and takes a high amount of time, skill, leadership, and motivation. Here is the quick and dirty way of effectively leading a robotics team.

Requirements for being a Team Lead

  • Know Robot Engineering Basics - You must know all the basics of making robots which include mechanical design, electronics, and software.
  • Delegate Tasks- You must delegate to your team members for the project to move forward and to give your members experience.
  • Communicate Information - You MUST communicate team information between yourself, subteam leads, and team members. Without good communication, the entire team will fall apart and you will not create a cohesive product.
  • Lead the Team - You must be the figurehead of the team, and all major decisions should be decided by you. Without someone to look up to, the team will be a mess.
  • Understand what Members are Capable of - Figure out what experience and abilities your members and leads have. If you delegate too much or too little responsibility to someone, the responsibilities may never be carried out, may be done poorly, or the person may just leave.
  • Provide Resources for Members - You are responsible for providing access to files, funds, materials, contacts, and important information to your team members. Without these things, team members won't be able to do anything.


 Week Summer, Fall Terms Winter Term Spring Term
  • Introduce team members to team and competition.
  • Choose subteam leaders
  • Discuss robot requirements for competition/project
  • Inform team of major goals
  • Subteam leads should begin delegating tasks
 Weeks 3-8
  •  Major 

Do's and Don'ts

 Do's Don'ts
 Have weekly meetings to communicate information and provide a time for members to work.