I am a fifth year PhD student in the Robotics Program at Oregon State University. I am working with Geoff Hollinger and Fuxin Li.  My research interests lie at the intersection of perception, deep learning, and field robotics. Improving this interface will allow robots to be more effective in the field and be used for a wider variety of tasks. 

I recently spent a wonderful Summer 2019 up in Redmond, WA working with Ashish Kapoor and the Aerial Robotics and Informatics group at Microsoft Research.

I previously worked with Dr. Karthik Dantu in the Distributed Robotics lab at the University at Buffalo. I received my BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from the University in May 2016. 

Please refer to my CV for more information on my professional and academic experiences. 


Recent Events: 
  • (February 2021) I gave a guest lecture on "Active Sensing to Save Robots and Lives" virtually at Pacific Lutheran University. 
  • (October 2020) Team Explorer gave an update on our DARPA SubT Challenge progress.
  • (March 2020) We got 2nd place at the DARPA Subterranean Challenge Urban Circuit.
  • (November 2019) I spoke at the OSU robotics seminar about our IROS work.
  • (August 2019) Our team won the DARPA Subterranean Mapping Challenge Tunnel Circuit!
  • (September 2018) I presented our work on deep learning for underwater 3D reconstruction at the annual PMEC meeting in Portland, OR. 
  • (April 2018) I started the Deep Learning in Robotics Reading Group at OSU. 
  • (March 2018) I will be at ICRA presenting our work on Real-time Underwater 3D Reconstruction Using Global Context and Active Labeling (pdf, video)
  • (September 2017) I presented our work on deep learning for underwater 3D reconstruction at the annual NNMREC meeting in Portland, OR.
  • (August 2017) I will be presenting our work using atrous CNNs for analyzing sonar imagery at an IROS Workshop (pdf)