2020 Season

Off Season Training:  The best off season training is to participate in or train for another sport.  Full time meet school affiliated sports are recommended. No matter what sport you choose be and ALL IN athlete.  Remember winners are winners all of the time.  Training resources are available on the OHS Track & Field web-page as well as a comprehensive training plan.  

Off season training ideas to think about 

Kill The FAIRY-GODMOTHER :) Good intentions and day dreams don't get you where you want to be.  Hard work and good choices are what determine your results.  Hair, Jewelry, New Shoes, and general superstitions can take a back seat.  PUT IN THE WORK!. 

- Use it or loose it!: Jumpers Gotta Jump, Sprinters Gotta Sprint,  Throwers Gotta Throw, Milers Gotta Run Miles!!!  
- You Don't Get Faster By Thinking About It, Talking About It, Or Lifting about it!!!
- You Get Faster By Doing It, Plain and Simple

FORM, FORM, FORM!: The off season is a great time to pick apart your form and break bad habits / gain good ones. 

Experiment! Try new events, new training systems, new approaches, new technique.  If it works keep it, if it doesn't, leave it. 

Pay Up!: Don't donate your time or become complaisant.  Follow a training PLAN.  Push for the next level, compete for what you want, and rest / take a break when you feel you need to...  Then, get back at it...

Lift & Stretch!:  If your serious about making gains then your need to be serious about your weight training and flexibility.  There is no substitute of either and no excuse for the lack of either. Weight Room Strong is not the same as FAST.  If you want to be fast you have GOT TO RUN REGULARLY! 

If you have any questions about any off season training or camps please don't hesitate to ask. 

Coach Lease
The TEAM - The TEAM - The TEAM

OTC: Oregon Track Club is a great opportunity to continue competing and learning.  Registration is $60-$100 depending on age level and there will be two FAT timed home meets this year as well.  Registration CLOSES June 1st.  This is a low key, low time commitment opportunity to stay sharp, grow in the sport, and / or continue competing.  Oh and don't forget FUN!!! 

See It, Will It, Be It...

The main goal of our Track & Field program is to help each athlete reach his/her full potential as a Track & Field athlete and as a person. Success should be judged on how well you compete against others, how well you compete against yourself, and your contributions to your team. Your value to the team is at its peak when you do your best, whether you are a varsity athlete or a junior varsity athlete.

In order to do your best you must make a commitment to yourself, your teammates, and your coaches. As the saying goes, 

"A person's achievements are directly proportional to their commitment to excellence."  

The degree of your commitment will be reflected in your workout, attendance, attitude, and ultimately your performance and the performance of your team.


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