What My Child Should Know for Kindergarten?

What My Child Should Know for Kindergarten?

Preparing a child to enter kindergarten will help ensure a successful beginning in education.
These are not expected of your child in the Oregon School District. 
This information should be used a resource to guide families and students.
What a child should know before starting kindergarten is a question that is often on parents' minds as they prepare to send their child to kindergarten. Children should have a simple idea of academic concepts in areas such as math, writing and reading. The more the child knows prior to kindergarten, the more success he will have during the school year. Kindergarten teachers will often send out list of areas to work on over the summer to their future students. What the kindergarten student is expected to know varies from school to school.


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Children entering kindergarten do not need to know how to read. Reading does not come automatically to children. Children must have a basic foundation of reading to build upon for learning to read. This foundation is laid and nurtured as the child develops reading skills. This foundation includes: an understanding that picture and print carry different meanings; book rules such as how to turn a page and how to open a book; and naming of letters.


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Children getting ready to enter kindergarten should know how to properly hold a pencil. Children may be scribbling or attempting to form letters in preparation to begin the writing process in kindergarten. Using various writing instruments such as markers, chalk or paint will help encourage the child and make writing fun. 

***Children coming to into kindergarten need experience using their fine motor muscles - it is beneficial for these children to experiment with playdough, cutting paper, tracing letters/lines, coloring pictures with small broken crayons, using tweezers, tongs or strawberry hullers to pick up some beads, rocks, etc...  These activities help your child build these important muscles to help with pre-writing and writing success.
(source of information: Angie Rahn)


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Basic counting from one to 10 and understanding what the numbers represent will help prepare a child for kindergarten. Basic shapes and number recognition are also important concepts to know and understand before entering kindergarten.

Social Skills

Behavior varies from child to child. Family life plays an important role in the social behavior of a child.  Preschoolers should practice sitting still, how to participate and share with other students. Cooperative playing without hitting or biting is expected in kindergarten. Children should be able to listen to an adult and follow basic directions.

All Children are Different

All children are different and master concepts at different times. One child may excel in a certain area while another may struggle with the concept. It is important to not push to hard or have unrealistic goals for the child. Learning should be fun for both the parent and the child. Children also have different knowledge backgrounds with a variety of experiences to draw upon to relate back to their learning. These experiences play an important role in the time it takes for a child to master a concept.

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten, What Should a Child Know Before Entering Kindergarten

What Should My Child Know Before Entering Kindergarten?
Emily Rogers

Some parents make the mistake of assuming that their child will learn their abc's and 123's in Kindergarten, thinking they don't have to teach them anything before entering school. The truth is, a child should have some preparation for Kindergarten and it's up to parents to make sure their child is prepared for school.

Things You'll Need:

  • The ability to mentally and physically prepare your child for Kindergarten.
  1. If you can't afford to enroll your child in Preschool, you can simply set aside a scheduled time each day to work with your child from home. This will allow your child to get used to the idea of sitting still and learning in a scheduled environment.

  2. First off, reading with your child is one of the most important things you can do. Simply set aside a time each day to read a book to your child. Choose a quite uninterrupted time such as; before nap, before bedtime or after dinner time. Then allow your child to choose a random book each day. Be sure to read with much enthusiasm, as when you enjoy reading, your child will enjoy it too. However; one of the most important things to do when reading to your child, is to ask questions. Allow your child's mind to think of what will happen next etc. . This teaches children to comprehend, understanding what the story is all about and predicting what will happen next.

  3. Teach your child to sing their abc's and say their 123's. Practice each day by singing and saying them together. Your child should be able to say their abc's before entering Kindergarten, as well as be able to count to 20 on their own.

  4. Print out coloring pages online, so that your child can learn to color inside the lines. This will be great practice for Kindergarten. You can also print out shapes for them to trace, in order to teach them how to recognize shapes. This is something every child should understand before entering Kindergarten.

  5. It is also helpful to have your child trace and practice writing their letters and numbers. Recognizing letters and numbers is very important. It's also helpful to introduce upper case and lower case before entering Kindergarten.

  6. Teach your child the sounds of their letters. You can purchase educational videos online or have your child engage in free online activities in order to learn the sounds of their letters. This will help them prepare for Kindergarten, as by the end of Kindergarten most children will have started to read words on their own.

  7. Last, it is not only important to mentally prepare your child for entering Kindergarten, it is also essential to physically prepare them, teaching them to use their motor skills, as well. Print out Preschool craft ideas online and have your child simply cut and paste different crafts. Simply teaching your child to cut a straight line and use glue will help them prepare for Kindergarten.