Oregon High School is pleased to provide high school students with the opportunity to earn a Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certification.  The parameters for this certification have been developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. This achievement demonstrates a commitment and interest in acquiring global competency.  Global Scholars demonstrate a strong interest in global citizenship by successfully completing a global education curriculum and engaging in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies.

Graduates who successfully fulfill all requirements will
1. Receive a transcript endorsement with the notation of "Global Scholar".
2. Receive a Certificate of Completion from the State Superintendent that certifies that the named student has successfully completed a program in global Education and is named a Wisconsin Global Scholar.

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Requirements - See site pages for details and tracking forms.

1.  Coursework; 8 credits
        4 years/credits in a single world language
        4 credits of coursework with a global focus
2.  Cultural Literacy
        Independent review/reflection on 8 works of international/cultural media, including at least 4 books.
3.  Cultural Activites - Co-Curricular and other school sponsored or endorsed activities
        Active participation and/or leadership in at least four activities such as participation in an international exchange program.
4.  Community Service
        Completion of a minimum of 20 hours related to global/cross-cultural public service projects.  These hours may serve toward required service hours for graduation from OHS.