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Boating Rules and Regulations

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If you do not have a boaters license we will give you short class and a temporary license for no extra cost.

Every renter does need to know how to drive a boat.  There are many tutorials and videos on how to operate a boat.  We will go over the basics with you.  Most boats have a drain plug (not our pontoon party barge) very important that this is in place before the boat goes in the water.  

Renter responsibilities

The fishing boat and pontoon boat both have outboard motors. 
The renter must understand how to pump prime the fuel line. In the case of the motor cutting out because of an air lock it is the renters responsibility to prime the fuel line. The fuel line on an outboard can get air in the line sometimes, even from towing the boat and the fuel sloshing around.

The wakeboard boat may need the throttle only button pushed to prime the fuel to the engine the first time starting during the day.  Also a renter responsibility.

Both these situations can run down the battery if not properly addressed.   Know how to use a boat, it is a good idea to watch many tutorials on how to be handy with a boat.

We provide the required items: Life Jackets, Whistles, Fire Extinguishers, Visual Distress Signals, Throw Cushions etc.

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The toys are topped off with premium or clear and need to be returned that way, if they are returned not full there will be a $20 fee on top of the fuel charge. Reserve Deposit $50 per day goes towards Rental, if you cancel we keep your reserve deposit, days where we still get to rent the item the days you reserved we will give back your deposit for that day. $500 Damage Deposit we accept cash or credit card, we temporary keep the card on file to cover possible damages. Square can take up to a week to refund credit cards but usually only takes a day or two.

We are here to help you have fun and save you money from not having to -purchase, winterize, un-winterize, tag and register, store, deprecation, oil changes maintenance etc. 541-554-7623

Oregon Boating Regulations

Speed limits, motor restrictions and other regulations are in place on all Oregon waterways. It pays to know the regulations before you go - some small lakes are managed for manually powered craft only, and certain rivers allow motorboats only on certain days. Click links below for more information:

Titling and Registration of Your Watercraft

All motorized boats, regardless of length or type, must be titled and registered in Oregon. Sailboats 12 feet and longer must also be titled and registered.

Registration and title fees and marine fuel taxes support boating facilities, marine law enforcement and boating safety education.

Boater Education/Information