The Instructional Technology Strategies Conference is the place to be on President's Weekend each year.... We have two sessions this year. This first one is an overview of the Oregon Virtual School District ( The second is this one – a Choose Your Own Adventure Session on Google Apps for Education.

ORVSD at ITSC 2011 - Session Two - CYOA

February 21, 2011
ITSC 2011
Sheraton PDX
3:45 - 5:15 p.m. (Session II)

The ORVSD Training Team is back with a session dedicated to Google Apps for the classroom. The first few minutes of the session will be an overview of the suite of apps available to Oregon teachers. We‘ll include actual classroom or school district examples. 

The remainder of the session will be a more in-depth lesson on one of the apps. The participants will choose which app and lesson by a combination of Google Moderator and Google Forms voting. It‘s like our favorite Choose Your Own Adventure book series. “If you decide to rescue the school homecoming week schedule by using Google Calendar, turn to page 76.” Join us for the fun!


You can have various calendars: personal, one for each class, sport, club, etc. Give it a name & description, time zone, and share with others. Do you want it to be public, or just those within the organization, or keep private by checking neither.

To share the calendar share with specific people, enter their email addresses followed by a comma.

To create an event, double-click on the event and time, then fill in the details. You can hide an event if the calendar is shared.

If you want to share the calendar later, use the drop-down menu to the right of the name to change the settings.

How can we put this calendar out on the web so others can see it?
Use drop-down; down towards bottom of list is Sharing:  embed calendar or calendar address. Embed code would be pasted into website. Click on calendar address to get the link to give to someone (or use the url shortener tool)

If I had a word document, for example, type in the word calendar, use the link tool, paste the code into the URL box.

Question:  Can you import calendars from Outlook and bring the history?

Are there calendars out there on the web that you can link to?
Under Other calendars, choose Add, then Interesting Calendars; there are several categories to choose from. Also, you can look out on the web for calendars that have a button that says “Add to Google Calendar” --or--have students create a historical calendar, then share with the world.