The Instructional Technology Strategies Conference is the place to be on President's Weekend each year.... We have two sessions this year. This first one is an overview of the Oregon Virtual School District ( The second is a Choose Your Own Adventure Session on Google Apps for Education.

ORVSD at ITSC 2011

February 21, 2011
ITSC 2011
Sheraton PDX
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Session I)

In this workshop, the ORVSD Training Team will show off amazing online classrooms created and in use by Oregon teachers. And then we‘ll give you the tools to build your own, along with a library of lesson plans and cool activities for students. You will leave this session with an online classroom and at least one lesson block.

Are these tools available to non-public schools? 
Yes and no! These ORVSD tools, hosted by OSU on the site,  are only available to public schools. However, Moodle, Drupal, and the Khan Academy are free and publicly available.

Does our school need to have a address? Yes and no!  By default, only staff with an address ending with can automatically create an account.  If your district has an alternative address, such as , please email the help desk and let them know what your school's address is. That address will be added to the list of school districts and you will then be able to create an account and use these tools.

Will other tools be available? 
The ORVSD tool set is a work in progress. New tools are being added each year. If you have a request please email the help desk to have it added to the wish list. Suggestions welcome!

Can I import test questions?
Yes, there a  number of question set formats supported by Moodle, so if you run into problems please email the help desk and we'll help you out. For online help, the site has great information.

Can I play YouTube videos in my moodle class?  Yes - as long as YouTube is not blocked by your school's web filter. You can embed the code or just link to the YouTube page. A full explanation can be found at