Oregon Apps K-12 is the suite of Google Apps for Education available to all Oregon K-12 school districts under an Oregon-Google statewide agreement. The Oregon Virtual School District provides training and support for these tools. Our team of trainers is available for in-person and virtual training events. We also facilitate regularly scheduled webinars for instructional and tech staff, host regional and state Google Apps mini-conferences, and present ORVSD and Google Apps sessions at events like ITSC, NCCE, and OSBA.

      Getting Started....      

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Policy FAQ - get your sample policy letters and consent forms here
Why your Oregon district should be using Google Apps for Education

Oregon Apps - Instruction (Join our Google Group)
ITSC Presentation - Choose Your Own Adventure
NCCE Presentation - Pentagon Papers

      What's Included....      


Keep your 
k12.or.us email address, but use Google’s advanced email interface – without ads. Comes with a powerful spam filter and 7+ gigabytes of storage. (So you may never have to delete a message again.)
Organize your life – keep a calendar for yourself, share calendars with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay on top of events on campus.
Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and download them to your favorite desktop apps. Great for collaborative projects, in and out of class.
Sites are the easiest way to share your information with the world. And make it pretty. This is a Google Site. 
Use Google Groups for discussions with your peers or between students. Groups can be set up at the administrative level within your Google domain. Click the Groups link above to get help videos on joining a Google Group someone else has created.