Oregon’s College Students Step Up for Leadership and Service

posted Sep 25, 2012, 9:21 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 25, 2012, 9:35 AM ]

Portland, Oregon (July 19, 2012)- Oregon Campus Compact (ORCC) announces the 2012-2013 Student Advisory Board. Through competitive nominations, 21 students representing 14 campuses have been selected.

The board challenges those who believe students are disengaged and apathetic. They’re a testament to the rising generation, who has shown up (in record numbers) to serve and prove through action that they're global citizens.

Today’s college students exceed the volunteer rate of the adult population (Corporation for National and Community Service) and more than 70% participate in civic engagement activities (Association of American Colleges & Universities).

 This movement has caught the attention of The White House, who has encouraged higher education to continue inspiring community development by their students, “not just because it’s good for students, but because it’s good for American democracy” (Why College Students Matter).

Student Advisory Board Member Goldann Salazar from Lewis and Clark College says, “I think historically, college students haven’t been given enough credit for our capabilities. As scholars we are in a unique position to be critical of the world around us and to take action to be leaders. I truly hope that as a member I can help to empower other college students to serve and lead.”

ORCC is proud to welcome this year’s 21 board members. Together, they will serve by informing the statewide narrative of service and coordinating projects across Oregon to inspire and support more civic engagement on campuses.

"This year's board has an extremely high level of passion, enthusiasm, and creativity. It's clear that these students are motivated by a desire to further collaboration in civic engagement and are determined to increase statewide student leadership. I'm inspired by our incredible potential and know we will accomplish amazing things!" says Tina Shantz, Student Advisory Board Coordinator.

ORCC is motivated by the belief that students have the power to change the world, ORCC drives higher education to organize student participation in civic life. As the only statewide organization working with private, public, four-year, and two-year institutions, we embrace our unique position to strengthen Oregon’s narrative of student service and leadership.

To learn more about ORCC and the Student Advisory Board, contact McKenzie Miller, Communications Coordinator at mckenzie@oregoncampuscompact.org or 503.406.3572.
Concordia University
Tiffany Bigelow (2nd year member)

George Fox University
Quinton Blanton
Abigail (Aby) Cordova
Dyvisha Gordon 

Lewis & Clark College
Goldann Salazar

Linfield College
Alex Lazar

Oregon State University
Katie Doran
Julia Lang 

Pacific University
Shandra Swilling

Portland Community College 
Sean Colebrook
Aaron McKee 
Turi Trotter 

Portland State University
Oran Stainbrook

Southern Oregon University
Megan Ziemer

University of Oregon 
Daryl Mogilewsky
Nicholas O'Neill 

University of Portland 
Andriana Alexis
Lisa Nims 

Warner Pacific 
Bridget Wyatt

Willamette University
Hannah Froiland

Western Oregon University
Laborrah (Bora) Sims