Sophia Mantheakis

Southern Oregon University
Sophia Mantheakis
Homelessness and Hunger Alleviation Coordinator
Civic Engagement Program

To address student hunger at Southern Oregon University (SOU), Sophia increased the campus understanding of hunger and built support services for students to access emergency food.

Sophia developed and distributed a campus-wide survey to SOU students in an effort to better understand issues of food insecurity on campus. Ten percent of the student population completed the survey (approximately 670 students), which helped paint a picture of hunger among the student body. The data collected through this survey led to the funding and development of a campus food pantry, which will help ensure that all SOU students have access to the food they need to be successful in school.

"The campus food pantry project saw great success during the last few months. There has been an outpouring of support from upper administration, various departments, faculty, staff, and students. The ability to collect surveys from more than 10% of the campus population was remarkable and nearly unheard of. The pantry is clearly needed at SOU and, thanks to Sophia's untiring dedication, a need that will be met." - Brittany Depew, Environmental & Community Engagement Coordinator at Southern Oregon University