Skye Hibbard-Swanson

Chemeketa Community College
Skye Hibbard-Swanson
Service Learning & Food Relief Coordinator
Student Retention and College Life

To address food insecurity, Skye established a campus garden and significantly expanded a campus food pantry program at Chemeketa Community College.

Skye's work mobilized the campus and community to address hunger issues. Administrators, faculty, staff, students, organizations, and community members donated to the food pantry and volunteers worked in the garden to stock the shelves with fresh produce. Today, the program has distributed over 500 bags of food to hungry students.

While Oregon’s hunger rates have been well documented, there is little research that explains how hunger impacts college student performance and retention. However, as a result of Skye's work, the pantry is collecting information to document the prevalence and impact of hunger on Chemeketa's Salem campus. This work will help Chemeketa understand the challenges students face regarding food insecurity and how to provide better support in these areas. 

"Skye's ability to take the food pantry to the 'next level’ is beyond anything I could have imagined. We are running more efficiently, serving more students, and collecting more food than we ever have before. This has started a wave of momentum behind the project that has increased donations dramatically. Skye has proven to be an outstanding AmeriCorps member." - Peter Starr, Civic Engagement Coordinator at Chemeketa Community College