Rita Stacy

Portland State University
Rita Stacy
Retention Project Coordinator
University Studies
AmeriCorps Retention Project 

Rita supported Portland State University’s (PSU) retention initiatives through managing a student leadership team tasked to provide resources and support to mentors and students participating in PSU's Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ) courses.

Rita recruited, trained, and managed 38 mentors who worked with 1,167 first-year student mentees throughout the year. She also created innovative surveys and intervention strategies to help mentors identify challenges, perform outreach, and connect their mentees to campus resources.

PSU's innovative cascading model of mentorship is being used to inform other Retention Project peer-to-peer mentor programs. Rita's work helped PSU develop resources, document program successes, and create tools for mentors to better support their mentees. This work will help ensure the sustainability of the FRINQ model and the integrity of PSU's celebrated program, as well as assist to disseminate program best practices to other Oregon campuses.

“Rita has done a truly remarkable job through her service for the University Studies program. We are very fortunate to work with her, and she has truly contributed to the success of students here at PSU. She is a highly skilled individual, and we could not have piloted this project without her.” - Randi Harris, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Portland State University