Pam Leibrant

Marylhurst University
Pam Leibrant
Service Program Coordinator

To develop service-oriented programs at Marylhurst University, Pam institutionalized a Service Program on campus. One of her projects was a Spring Into Service event that focused on increasing the campus and community's understanding of affordable and accessible health care.

Pam coordinated the 2012 Maryhurst Spring Into Service event, which partnered educational workshops with service activities in the community. Pam planned each of the week-long events and supported the campus to participate in interactive health conversations with diverse experts, donate blood through the Red Cross, supply personal care items for a women's shelter, and fix up a building being developed into a health clinic for low-income community members.

As a result of Spring Into Service, faculty, staff, and students engaged in a conversation about significant issues affecting their community. They explored local contexts and made connections with the national debate over health care. The campus was introduced to people and organizations advocating for the well-being of underserved populations and informed about ways to get involved. 

This type of civic engagement has been a part of Marylhurst's strategic goal since 2009. Through events like Spring Into Service, Pam supported the campus to establish a Service Program that will continue to expand the campus culture of service and engage the community in issues affecting quality of life.