Meredith Dickinson

University of Portland
Meredith Dickinson
Coordinator of Sustainability and Environmental Justice

To educate the campus and community of urgent concerns regarding poverty and environmental justice, Meredith helped the University of Portland (UP) increase awareness and action in social justice issues, sustainability, service, and leadership. 

Meredith entered UP in the Campus Conservation Nationals, a competition that challenges campuses and students to reduce their water and energy consumption. Students committed to lifestyle changes, including limiting laundry loads, turning off lights, unplugging unused appliances and power strips, and sharing communal refrigerators instead of individual mini-fridges. 

Supporting the competition, Meredith built relationships to raise awareness about UP’s sustainability efforts. She hosted events and service projects with professors and community partners, encouraged faculty members to extend extra credit for participation, and procured donations including a $500 grant, which was awarded to the dorm that conserved the most water and energy. 

In one month, UP saved 23,905 kilowatt hours, $1,673 in utilities costs, and averted 10,900 pounds of CO2 emissions. By educating the campus and the community on sustainable living practices, UP is addressing an issue that will impact the well-being of communities.