Leisha McParland

University of Oregon
Leisha McParland
Community Relations Coordinator

Leisha increased engagement in service activities and coordinated meaningful ways for students to get involved with their community at the University of Oregon (U of O).

To engage the U of O in poverty-focused service activities, Leisha supported the Duck Corps- a student group committed to public service and volunteerism. By focusing on retaining students, she developed strategies to encourage repeat student volunteerism and reduce day-of event volunteer attrition. She also worked on instilling a greater sense of pride and loyalty among Duck Corps members by increasing communication through social media and enews. By better supporting the program and providing greater outreach, she increased student enrollment in Duck Corps by 57%.

This year, Leisha more than doubled the size of Duck Corps and created a sustainable system for students to get involved and continue to engage in service. As a result, more students participated in service and more hours were spent volunteering in the community. Leisha helped students foster relationships within the Duck Corps and with organizations serving low-income communities. Next year, the Corps will build on her work in an effort to make an even larger impact in the community.