Lacey Hunter

Southern Oregon University
Lacey Hunter
First-Year Mentor Program Coordinator
Academic Support Programs

AmeriCorps Retention Project 

Lacey matched successful college students with at-risk, first-year students at Southern Oregon University (SOU) in an effort to increase academic achievement, institutional connections, civic engagement, and retention. 

Lacey engaged 36 at-risk mentees through 1,081 hours of mentoring and volunteering. She identified students at-risk of dropping out, matched them with a mentor, and provided the mentors with tools and resources to help their mentees succeed. As a result, mentees found their place at SOU and went on to do incredible things. They became leaders within Student Government, Resident Hall Assistants, Admissions Ambassadors, and, next year, many of them will serve as mentors to incoming at-risk students. 

Lacey just completed her second term of service as a Retention Project member at SOU. As a result of her work, the program has been embedded in the Academic Support Programs office. Her professionalism and development of the program has garnered the support of staff in the office. They now help refer prospective mentors and mentees, which has increased the program's capacity to recruit students and will ensure the program's sustainability. 

"Lacey has spent the last two years working diligently to develop the First-Year Mentor Program at SOU into something to be proud of. She has used her superb interpersonal skills to navigate difficult situations with grace and tact. Lacey has made an impact on SOU that will not soon be rivaled. She is a model AmeriCorps member and an even better friend and colleague." - Jadon Berry, Academic Advisor at Southern Oregon University