Jael Chambers

Warner Pacific College
Jael Chambers
Retention Project Member
Campus Ministries

AmeriCorps Retention Project 

Jael recruited Warner Pacific College students to serve as mentors and engage at-risk high school students in service-learning activities.

Jael focused on working with inner city middle school and high school students who were at-risk of not succeeding in school and persisting to graduation. The program at Warner Pacific College was designed to address Oregon’s high school graduation rate by leveraging the assets of the college to strengthen the community through mentoring. Throughout the year, 76 mentors supported 128 mentees through 1,648 hours of mentoring. 

Jael built strong relationships to make the program a success; he fostered college student buy-in and focused on recruiting diverse mentors, including students of color and male mentors. He also worked with high school administrators and encouraged at-risk high school students to commit to participating in the program. As a result, Warner Pacific College has hired a Service Learning Coordinator who will help to sustain the work of the Retention Project. The program will continue next year and looks forward to incorporating more faculty, students of color, and community partners.

"Jael has pioneered a mentoring relationship with our closest high school and with the most diverse high school in the state. He has been successful in recruiting students of color and men to the Retention Project initiative at Warner Pacific College. I am convinced that this year has been instrumental for [Warner Pacific College] students to be mentors at our local high schools for many years to come. We will miss Jael’s passion and commitment to the work of the project.” – Jess Bielman, Executive Director of Contextualized Ministry at Warner Pacific College