Charlotte Muzzi

University of Portland
Charlotte Muzzi
North Portland Education Coordinator
Moreau Center for Service and Leadership

To implement a partnership between the University of Portland (UP) and Roosevelt High School (RHS), Charlotte established a Writing Center at RHS. The Writing Center aims to empower historically disadvantaged students to build skills and confidence in writing and to advance their success in high school and beyond. 

RHS was once one of Oregon's lowest performing schools, however the school has recently made great strides toward improvement. To build on this momentum and provide more academic support to at-risk students, Charlotte coordinated students from the UP Master of Arts and Teaching program to staff the Writing Center and act as mentors to RHS students. UP students provided assistance on high school assignments, job applications, and college essays, as well as mentored students facing academic and social barriers. 

The Writing Center has been a tremendous resource to the high school students, college students, and RHS teachers. When a high school student was asked what they would tell other students about the Writing Center, the student said, “I would tell them that it’s not about being a good or bad writer; it’s about getting better at it. It’s not about whether you’re good or bad; it’s about going for it and not being embarrassed to ask for help. I just really like this place.”

RHS is one of Oregon's most diverse schools. The Writing Center provided support to ESL writers (some that had only been in the United State for one year), historically disadvantaged, and low-income students. As a result, at-risk students strengthened their skills and found support and guidance to succeed in high school and pursue higher education.