National Campus Compact Resources

Below are resources from Campus Compact and other organizations, listed by campus constituent group and by category.

Community Service Directors

  • Models of successful service, service-learning, and civic engagement programs 
  • Service statistics that raise awareness about the value of your work 
  • Events, jobs, grants, and other opportunities
  • Developing students as colleagues and leaders 
  • The latest policy issues affecting campus engagement
  • Insight into the Federal Work-Study community service requirement
  • The Carnegie Community Engagement classification
  • How Consulting Corps can help advance practice on your campus
  • Other available resources for service-learning professionals
  • Models of service-learning and other programs
  • Syllabi from across disciplines and institutions
  • Faculty development programs that reward community-based work
  • Faculty award and recognition opportunities 
  • Students as colleagues and leaders
  • Policy issues affecting campus engagement
  • Service statistics to raise awareness of the value of service-learning
  • Resources for linking community-based work with course content
  • Models of presidential leadership
  • Publications for best practices and advancing your campus' civic engagement
  • Policy issues affecting campus engagement
  • Statistics about service in higher education
  • Quotes on engagement
  • Award and Recognition opportunities
  • and more!