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Meet the 2012-2013 Student Advisory Board

Tiffany Keeton* - Concordia University
Major: Nursing (BSN)
Social issues she's most passionate about: Affordable housing and access to clean water

Quinton Blanton - 
George Fox University
International Relations; Philosophy
Global Business; Political Science.
Social issues he's most passionate about: The globalization of time, educational disparities and class difference, and incarceration in the US

Abigail (Aby) Cordova - George Fox University
Organizational Communication
Minor: Marketing
Social issue she's most passionate about: The DREAM Act/access for young passionate college bound undocumented students

Dyvisha Gordon - George Fox University
Major: Political Science Major 
Minor: Philosophy
Social issues she's most passionate about: Classism, discrimination, and inadequate education systems

Goldann Salazar - Lewis and Clark College
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Social issue she's most passionate about: Increasing historically underrepresented students' college graduation rates and promoting dialogue, education, and engagement around racial disparities in order to create greater equity 

Alex Lazar - Linfield College
Major: Finance 
Social issue he's most passionate about: Children who lose a mother/father or both for any reason (death, drugs, crime, abandonment, etc.) and remain in an unhealthy environment

Katie Doran - Oregon State University 
Major: College Student Services Administration Graduate Program
Social issues she's most passionate about: Access to education and trafficking/slavery issues

Julia Lang - Oregon State University 
Major: College Student Services Administration
Social issues she's most passionate about: Immigration/migrant workers, homelessness, and domestic & sexual violence

Shandra Swilling - Pacific University
Major: Political Science
Minor: Peace and Justice
Social issues she's most passionate about: Food security and viability, immigrant justice, and preservation of the earth and animals

Sean Colebrook Jr. - P
ortland Community College
Major: Science; Pre-Pharmacy 
Social issues he's most passionate about: Tuition equity for undocumented students and equality for LGBTQA individuals

Aaron McKee - Portland Community College
Major: Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Social issues he's most passionate about: Making student loans more affordable for students and getting the gillnetters out of Oregon rivers and back in the ocean

Turi Trotter - Portland Community College
Major: Chemistry; Mathematics
Minor: Biology
Social issue she's most passionate about: Health care

Oran Stainbrook - Portland State University
Major: Architecture
Minors: Sustainable urban development; Space and planetary science
Social issues he's most passionate about: Poverty and homelessness

Megan Ziemer - Southern Oregon University
Major: Communications
Social issue she's most passionate about: Involving people in their communities

Daryl Mogilewsky - University of Oregon
Major: International Studies 
Minor: Italian
Social issues she's most passionate about: LGBTQA equality and sex and violence in the media

Nicholas O'Neill - 
University of Oregon
Major: History 
Social issues he's most passionate about: Poverty, social justice, and war

Andriana Alexis - University of Portland
Major: Organizational Communications
Minors: Psychology
Social issue she's most passionate about: Access to education 

Lisa Nims - University of Portland
Major: Social work
Minors: Social Justice and Communication Studies
Social issue she's most passionate about: Moving from exclusion to inclusion of those populations that are regularly ignored and marginalized

Bridget Wyatt - Warner Pacific College
Major: Social Work 
Minor: Trauma Intervention 
Social issues she's most passionate about: Child abuse and neglect, hunger among children, and illiteracy

Laborrah (Bora) Sims - Western Oregon University
Major: Law 
Minor: Psychology
Social issue she's most passionate about: Barriers that students face accessing higher education

Hannah Froiland - Willamette University
Major: Sociology 
Minor: American Ethnic Studies
Social issues she's most passionate about: Education and homelessness 

*2nd year board member