Online activities can be lots of fun and educational, but they can also present risks. Activities such as registering for access to websites, emailing, chatting and playing online games all have risks associated with them. It is essential that you learn about the risks you can face and how to manage the results.

We are going to look at issues we might face while being online and how to be cybersafe.

Going 'online' includes: chat rooms, email, mobile phones, social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), internet, You Tube. This includes being aware of personal identity,spam, 'bogus' websites, large amounts of advertising, identifying reliable and appropriate online content, plagiarism and copyright laws. The list goes on!

Your task, at the end of this unit, is to make a multimedia presentation to teach others about how to be Cybersmart in an online world. A multimedia presentation is where you combine a variety of media forms such as images, video, sound, text etc

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