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Recommended websites


  • Britannica.com- Changing features and headlines, plus the full text of the Encyclopedia Britannica, related articles from well-known magazines, thoughtful website reviews, and many other resources.
  • Encyclopedia.com- Free articles from the Columbia Concise Encyclopedia and links to web sites, plus links to articles accessible for a fee from Electric Library.


  • Information Please Almanac(upper grades) and Kids Almanac (elmentary grades) - Includes an encyclopedia, a dictionary, several almanacs, a homework center, and outlines and study sheets for "Frequently Assigned Topics".
  • Old Farmer's Almanac- Weather facts and forecasts, gardening, recipes, information about tides and the phases of the moon, and more, from the nation's oldest almanac, published since 1792.

General Information Sites

  • Annenberg/CPB Learner - A collection of interactive learning exhibits for kids and their teachers. Frequently changing topics include Russia, the Middle Ages, Volcanoes, Medical Ethics, Garbage and many more. Provides carefully selected lists of further Web resources.
  • Proquest - The ProQuest® online information service provides access to thousands of current periodicals and newspapers, many updated daily and containing full-text articles from 1986.
  • Quia.com
    Thousands of online games and quizzes in over 40 subject areas. Test yourself or learn something new.


    • CNN.com - The web site for the Cable News Network. Breaking national and international news, business, travel, reviews and in-depth news analysis.
    • TIME.com-- The daily online version of the weekly print magazine.
    • Newsweek.com-- The daily online version of the weekly print magazine.
    • New York Times-- Read today's news and features for free, or search and find older articles for a small fee.


    • InvestSmart - How to invest your money. Includes investment basics, lessons, market simulation, real-life examples and other features.
    • KidsBank.Com-- Shows the fundamentals of banking and banking services, and teaches kids about how savings, interest, checking and other banking things work


    • Occupational Outlook Handbook -- This online version of the Government's premier career guidance publication has descriptions of different career choices, training needed, likely earnings and the outlook for employment in the future.

    Child Development

    Holidays and Festivals



    • Webster Dictionary - Meriam-Webster's dictionary, with pronounciation guide, usage, etmology and meanings.
    • New York Times Crossword Puzzles- Do the daily puzzle, or check yesterday's answers online. Or try the twice-monthly themed puzzles on the NY Times Learning Network by clicking here.

    Writing and Grammar

    World Languages

    • Travlang - Word of the day, dictionaries in 17 languages, currency exchange tables, and travel information.
    • Human Languages Page - Links to information on every languange you can think of, and more.

    Natural Science


    • Bad Astronomy - Primarily devoted to "airing out myths and misconceptions in astronomy and related topics", ths site also has lots of excellent information on astronomy in general. Don't miss the Bitesize Snacks in the Pantry.
    • The Nine Planets -A multimedia tour of the solar system.
    • Windows to the Universe -A graphics intensive site on Earth and space science, with beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.
    • Sea and Sky- Interactive explorations of Astronomy and Ocean Science.

    Environmental & Earth Sciences

    • Rainforest Walk - Virtual tour of the Costa Rican rain forest.
    • The World's Biomes- An introduction to 5 major types of earth biomes.
    • OceanLink- Great elementary info on ocean animal, environments and issues, by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center. Check out AnswerArchives, OceanInfo and AquaFacts.
    • Sea and Sky- Interactive explorations of astronomy and ocean science.
    • Yahoo! Oceanography- A collection of links to a variety of oceanography websites.
    • Snowflake Bentley-- Dedicated to the work of Wilson Bentley, who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes. Includes many links to information on snow and ice crystals, and Bentley's photo technique.

    General Science

    • MadSci Network - If you don't find your science question already answered in the MadSci Archives, you can ask it of a Mad Scientist, or browse the MAD Labs or the MadSci Library of Internet links.
    • Fun Science for Kids -A page of links to excellent elementary level websites on biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and other scientific fields, compiled by Lawrence Livermore National Lab.



    Applied Science


    • How Stuff Works - From cell phones to flintlock rifles to those sneaky Internet ad slogans, this site has detailed explanations and drawings on how hundreds of things do what they do.
    • Famous Inventions: A - Z- An About.com page of links to inventor and inventions websites.

    Science Fair

    • Internet Public Library's "Science Fair Project Resource Guide" - Collected links to resources that can guide young researchers through all the steps necessary to successfully complete a science fair experiment or project.
    • TryScience - Participate in an experiment online, or follow the directions to try one of 14 experiments at home.
    • Icky Experiments- On Discovery's "Yuckiest Site" on the Internet. Instructions and explanations for several icky experiments that illustrate biological or chemical science principles. Check out the rest of the site too!
    • Kidscience Activities at About.com- Projects, experiments and science fair info & ideas. Explore the rest of the Kidscience area for other ideas.

    Medical Information


    Art Museums Online


    History & Geography

    • Maps at National Geographic Xpeditions - A gold mine of excellent region and country maps, all designed to print completely on one 8 1/2" x 11" page.
    • National Geographic Infocentral- Part of the very useful National Geographic web site, this section offers links to sites on classic National Geographic topics, from animals to natural phenomena , as well as selected web sites in the humanities and sciences. Includes frequently asked questions and answers. Tremendously useful is the searchable index to National Geographic magazine!
    • Lonely Planet Online - Brief travel guides to destinations around the world, with country info, daily travel news, maps and links.
    • WorldBank -- Regions and Countries-- Brief overviews of each country, with social and economic data.

    United States History

    • Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History- Site with comprehensive coverage of African-American history, with brief articles biographies, timelines, audio and video, and a collection of related website links. A new section covers the history of the Harlem Renaissance.
    • Native Americans Online Resources- Links to relevant sites, plus bibliographies and a list of nations that maintain their own web sites.
    • Japanese American National Museum- The website of this museum in Los Angeles documents the experience of Japanese immigrants in the United States, including the West Coast internement camps of WWII. Information is scattered throughout the site. Try "Jump to: Bookmarks", "Nat'l Resource Center" and Past Exhibits for good stuff.

    Vikings -- Several web sites mark the millennium anniversary of the Viking Age.