Brady Lunch Program

On December 16, 2011, Mrs. Finohr, Orange Food Services Supervisor, presented the student council with the reasoning behind what Brady students are eating for lunch.   This page offers information about different options regarding the Brady lunch program.

Please Note:  Any lunch account security issues should be reported immediately to Arleen Callahan, Brady Food Service Manager or to  Please either email questions and suggestions to a representative for your grade level or post them in the "comments" section below.
  • The Brady lunch program meets all national standards for school food service.
  • Please do not report requests or questions like "get fresher fruits", because that is a waste of our time, and it is also an issue with the national school lunch budget.  There is nothing we can do.
  • Once you have $0.00 in your lunch account, you may buy two more lunches without any extras. After this point, you must only buy a PB & J or cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit, and milk.

If paying for lunch is a challenge for your family, you may apply for a free or reduced lunch program.

  • If the adults in your family believe that this applies to your family, contact Mrs. Cindy Finohr at to apply for a free or reduced price lunch.
  • This is confidential!  The only people that know are the District Food Services Supervisor, the Brady Food Services Manager, you, and your parent(s)/guardian.