The following Team/Coaches have picked up or are picking up their team rosters tomorrow. 

Team # Team Coach
U05B-01 Pelayo
U05B-02 Parker
U05B-03 Bruzzo
U05B-04 Lemus
U06B-01 Coury
U06G-01 Cogswell
U06G-02 Sandoval
U06G-03 Wilcox
U06G-04 Avedissian
U08B-01 Reyes Herrera
U08B-04 Coury
U08B-05 Gardner
U08G-01 Maack
U08G-02 Nametz
U08G-03 Wilcox
U08G-05 Estes
U10B-01 Cogswell
U10B-02 Rummler
U10G-01 Wenger
U12B - 01 Perez
U12B - 02 Ghali
U12B EXTRA Dominguez
U12G - 01 Coleman

You can look up to see if one of these teams is your child's on your child's account.

If your child's team is not listed that means one of two things,

#1 - your child's team has a coach but they have yet to complete the mandatory certifications once the certification are complete the team can begin practice

#2 - your child's team does not have a coach and we need a parent to volunteer

When parent's register their children you also sign up to volunteer. You all see the volunteer sign up sheet and see what is needed for a team. If your team needs a coach you can help your child start playing sooner than later with volunteering to coach.

If you would like to volunteer to coach please contact our Coach Administrator, Pelayo Pelayo, at

If you will not be volunteering to coach please wait patiently while we find a parent willing to volunteer to coach.