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Fields & Maps Info

This is a list of fields that the region occasionally uses. The fact that they are on this page does not mean we hold a permit to the field. This page is intended to help parents locate fields that the region occasionally uses when we have a permit to use them. Do not use any field that we are not permitted to use. If you have a question about which field we have a permit to use, please contact the region.
It is prohibited by state and county law to have animals on school property.
Taft Elementary School - 1829 N. Cambridge St., Orange, CA 92865
Handy Park - 2143 East Oakmont, Orange, CA 92867
Santiago Canyon College - 8045 East Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92869
Grijalva Park Field 1 - 368 N Prospect St., Orange, CA 92869

Practice Fields:
Taft Elementary School - Monday - Friday
Handy Park - Tuesday and Thursday 
Santiago Community College - U10 - 14 teams only Mon-Thurs
Grijalva Park Field 1 - Mon and Wed
Coaches must have their permit with them at all times.