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Registration Refund


Any refund will have to meet certain criteria.  Parties requiring a refund must submit in writing a request for a refund.  Do not request a refund from your coach.  Any request for refunds from coaches for another player will not be recognized by the region.


    1. Once you register to play there is an automatic non refundable $17.50 registration fee to cover the cost of the registration materials and the costs of the refund.
    2. After attending a practice or meeting subtract $17.50 registration fee and $12.75 processing fee and cost of the uniform. 
     3. No refunds will be issued after games have started in September(Fall) March (Spring).
Request for refunds must contain:

·Parents and players name and address.

·Players Date of birth

·Proof of payment to AYSO (canceled check, payment receipt from money order, credit card statement, original cash receipt from AYSO Region 1335)

·A self addressed, stamped envelope.

Request not containing all required information will be denied or delayed until the requirements are met. 

It is important that this policy be done exactly as written as the region must justify all checks that it writes with supporting documentation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for refunds to be processed.

Please mail your refund request to

AYSO Region 1335

P.O. Box 4421

Orange, CA 92863