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Referee's Code


  • Always remember the game is for the players. Player safety and fair play always come first.

  • Study and learn the Laws of the Game and understand the 'spirit' of the Laws. Help fellow referees to do the same.

  • Encourage and endorse the A.Y.S.O. Philosophies of Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, and Good Sportsmanship.

  • Respect other referees and their decisions, and do not publicly criticize another official.

  • Wear the proper uniform and keep it in good condition.

  • Maintain good physical condition so you can keep up with play.

  • Stay calm when confronted with emotional reactions from players, coaches and parents.

  • Honor accepted game assignments. In an emergency, please do your best to find a replacement.

  • Support good sportsmanship with a kind word to players, coaches and parents of both teams when deserved.

  • Always be fair and impartial, avoiding conflicts of interest. Decisions based on personal bias are dishonest and unacceptable