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8th Grade Social Studies

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password:  harrington

*Students are to refer to the text online when additional time is needed to complete assignments.  Class time is provided for most assignments to be completed in class.  Textbooks are not assigned.

Current Study: Textbook: 
  • Students are reading chapter 8 - The Twentieth Century.
  • Please speak with your child about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the 19th Amendment.
  • The CFA covering chapter 8 will be administered on Thursday, March 27.  
  • We are interested in guest speakers who can share 20th century experiences dealing with industry, technology, war, literature, etc.

Please check your child's organization.  I am finding that materials are being crammed into book bags.  

**Please refer to the progress report/report card dates on the school calendar.  If you have any concerns/questions about your child's progress, please contact me.   

Revolutionary War Project

1. Choose your project topic and sign-up in Google docs under your core by November 4.

2. Battle Map and Chart activity for all students due November 6.

3.  Projects due for class presentation on Wednesday, November 13.

*Historical fiction novels read during class will accompany the project activity.  Class time will be divided to allow for research and reading; therefore, projects need to be completed at home.




Civil War Newspaper Project Check-In Forms

Use the forms listed below to report your progress to your teachers.
Due dates for project segments are also listed on the forms.

Battle Selection/Research Due January 17  

Leader Selection/Research - Due January 27 

Page Two Selection/Research -  Due January 31

Final Project Due February 5

Presentations February 6-7

Civil War Project Rubric

Civil War Project Helpful Links

Gettysburg By The Numbers

The American Civil War - Discovery Education

Civil War Primary Sources

Kentucky in the Civil War

The Library of Congress: The Civil War: Primary Sources 

The Library of Congress:  The Civil War - The Nation Moves Towards War, 1850

Civil War:  Women and the Homefront

Letters from the American Civil War

Southern Historical Collection: Civil War Day-by-Day

Library of Congress: Civil War for Students

The Civil War Home Page

National Archives: Civil War and Reconstruction

History Channel: American Civil War

PBS: Ken Burns “Civil War”

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Reconstruction Document Based Activity Helpful Links: