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Social Studies Vocabulary list here - will update throughout the year

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"What are Continents?" video link here

Egyptian Hieroglyphic Fun Links:

Trojan War Song - Parody of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" about the Trojan War

Today in Class:
3/28:  We began learning about the Vikings by watching the Time Warp Trio's "Viking It and Liking It".  Students then worked on any missing or incomplete assignments for the end of the nine weeks.
4/7:  Students continued learning about Vikings and where they explored on "Viking Voyages".  They started putting together a short video clip about the Vikings through
4/8:  Students continued their learning of the Vikings by working on their animoto clips from yesterday.
4/9:  [UPDATED LATE]  Students began learning about feudalism by completing "Feudalism Reading" and participating in a class discussion.
4/10:  [UPDATED LATE]  Students continued learning about feudalism by playing a game and then following up by answering #4-6 on the "Feudalism Reading" document.
4/11:  [UPDATED LATE]  G.R.E.A.T. today.  No class.
4/14:  Students continued learning about feudalism by learning about its economic system, called manorialism.  Students discussed the nature of the manor system by completing "Manorialism" and began drawing a diagram of a medieval manor.  Students should finish the document and their drawing by Wednesday.

4/8:  Finish Viking animoto clip

4/14:  Finish medieval manor picture and "Manorialism" (linked above)

"Europe in the Middle Ages"

*All Study Island topics are due by the Sunday of that week, so for this week, that date is:  4/20

Any exit slip/quiz corrections - Don't forget to turn them in to Mr. Capps!


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"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

Who is this?


American History (mostly) -

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