Useful Links

5th grade science

Amateur Radio is coming to our school! Practice for your license:

4th grade poetry

4th grade Fractions

Amateur Radio

Love Your Brain
Kahn Academy:
Presidential Word Search: 
Valentine's Day Anniversaries Logic Puzzle: 
Brainteasers from Hoagies' Gifted:

Orange County Schools' AIG Department:
North Carolina's State Department of Public Instruction AIG information:
The North Carolina Association for the Gifted and Talented:
Renzulli Learning:
North Carolina Future Problem Solvers

Quest Atlantis
The official Quest Atlantis site. If your child has a QA account, you can download the software for free and your child can quest from home.

Download Alice for free and program at home:

Of Interest to Parents of Gifted Students
"How Not to Talk to Your Kids: The inverse power of praise" by Po Bronson:
Free e-book from Free Spirit Press: "You Know Your Child is Gifted When...":

North Carolina Robotics
Triangle Amateur Robotics:
Splat Space Durham:

GeoBee Study Aids
The Official GeoBee website, including a daily geography quiz. Test your knowledge against the best!
National Geographic's Kids' Page:
Free geography games for kids:
More free geography games for kids!
Geography game from Discovery Education:
The Animaniacs' version of the 50 States and Capitals:
The Animaniacs sing the countries of the world. (Some of these countries no longer exist or have changed their names.  Can you spot them?)
Geography page from the Guide to Online Schools.