Geography Club

Geography Club

Update: the 2013-2014 GeoBee was held on Friday, January 10, 2014 in the Media Center. Congratulations to all who participated for their hard work and excellent sportsmanship. The results are as follows:

Winner: Kyle S.
First Runner-up: Maddux V.
Second Runner-Up: Danielle E.

Additional Finalists:
  • Danilo B.
  • Stephen G.
  • Ashari L.
  • Jose M.
  • Eli R.
  • Darryl R.
  • Xavier S.

Students have asked to keep meeting on Mondays during lunch, so the Geography Club will morph into the Amateur Radio club for the remainder of the year. Students will work on obtaining their amateur radio licenses and continue exploring our world.

The Geography Club has returned! This year, we will be able to use our new Amateur Radio to connect with more people and places than ever before! Our new school club call sign is KK4UIK. Thank you to VE3GNA for the welcoming radiogram. Thank you to OCRA and to DFMA for their support with this project. We are very excited to be able to talk with amateur radio operators from around North Carolina. 

We are also going to be learning about the world by becoming investors. Each grade level will have $25 to loan on Kiva, a microfinance website dedicated to helping people around the world start their businesses and change their lives. Students will need to research the projects, choose one, and convince the rest of their classmates to support them. In honor of Thanksgiving, we decided on our projects to support. As it turned out, both grades supported the same project, Catherine from the Philippines. Students were interested in helping her because of the recent typhoon and her attempts to support her children in school.

2012-2013 GeoBee Results
Congratulations to the 18 fourth and fifth grade students who participated in this year's Geography Bee. 

Winner: Jacob M., 5th grade
Runner-up: Dominic D., 5th grade
Second Runner-up: Danielle E., 4th grade

Additional finalists:
  • Francisco S., 4th grade
  • Stephen G., 4th grade
  • Jordan T., 5th grade
  • Joshua D. 5th grade.

The 2012-2013 Geography Club has finished for the year 
We will restart Geography Club next fall. Thank you to everyone who participated!

2011-2012 GeoBee Results
Efland-Cheeks Elementary held the 2011-2012 GeoBee on Thursday, January 5, 2011 in the media center. Congratulations to our 4th and 5th grade students for their hard work and learning!

Winner: Nick H., 5th grade
Runner-up: Rebecca T., 5th grade
Third place: Bryce A., 5th grade

Additional finalists:
  • Keyshawn C., 5th grade
  • Dominic D., 4th grade
  • Gavin H., 5th grade
  • Rainier V., 5th grade
  • Hannah W., 5th grade,
  • Veronica V., 5th grade
Practice sessions for the 2012-2013 GeoBee will resume in the fall. In the mean time, interested students can check out the Geography Resources on the Useful Links page and start practicing.

Past news
On December 19, 2011 the Geography Club welcomed Mrs. Alison Vernon. Mrs. Vernon is a specialist in emerging democracies. She talked with us about Europe and some of the other places she's traveled for her job.