Global Warming - Whats Our Future...

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What have we discovered?...

 As budding scientists we are learning to be more observant and take notice of the world around us.  So we watched a youtube video about Glacial Carving... We noticed (what did I see, what sences do I use). We think (I make links to my previous knowledge and experiences). We Wonder (I ask questions...). We Discover (I research, experiment to answer my questions).

Glacial Carving

Next we talked about what we already knew about 'Global Warming.'  We found that although we had heard about Global Warming we didn't really know what Global Warming was.  We knew there was something about the sea levels rising....


North and South Pole Melt???

We carried out a class inquiry into what might happen if the sea level rose?  As a class we carried out an experiment, noticed, thought, wondered and then discovered...


              Before                                   After

Global Warming Glossary
As part of our language/reading activities we are always looking to learn about new words. We found key words associated with Global Warming and then found out what they meant





 Savannah Jordan and Elijah Milly




 RylanMilly Ria  Rylan




 Ria ChaytahKarolin Nicoh 




 Lorin KarolinJamie and Kade  Lorin




 Jamie and KadeSavannah Manase Jordan and Elijah 




 Manase Kaydee and Lia Kaydee and LiaKupa 



 Nicoh KupaChaytah Sharna 



Dorian  SharnaJasonDorian



 Angus Karome Joshua Karome




Mamaeroa  JoshuaBrenae  Mamaeroa




 BrenaeSenu Ethan Senu 




 Jason Ethan



After we had extended our vocabulary knowledge it was time to get stuck into finding out all about Global Warming and how it could affect our planet.

We completed an inquiry into Gloabal Warming, answering questions that we have had from our learning so far.  We split up into small groups and got stuck into our 'Big 6' research activity. 

Room 14 GW Inquiry.pptx


Rm14 Dangerous Ways Of Getting To School.

All of these questions and research got us wondering about if there were people already being affected by the possible outcomes of global warming.

On the internet we found a lot of photos of children who take dangerous journeys to school.  We wondered what it would be like to be one of these students.  We wrote imaginative stories as if we were one of the children in these photos.

With all of our discoveries, discussion and the wild winter weather happening this term we used what we have noticed, thought, wondered and discovered and wrote these wonderful winter poems.

Winter Poems

Room 14 Presents...

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