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MOA Kluster

posted Dec 2, 2014, 3:14 PM by Lorraine Williamson   [ updated Dec 2, 2014, 3:14 PM ]

We will once again be working with the MOA Kluster next year. We have found this initiative has helped us to really grow our skills in using technology effectively in the classroom. The Board of Trustees through excellent financial management are able to use "reserved funds" to purchase more Ipads and IT gear for the classes.

Each classroom will be kitted out before the beginning of next year with new teacher work stations and 55 inch TV's. These will be hooked up to a mini Mac computer, so that teachers have all their work at their fingertips.

Teachers have started planning for their first category of the MOA awards. Next year it is our intention to integrate the movies etc across the year. So when we are working on science we will complete our documentaries. When we are working on PRIDE we will complete our digital posters. This will spread the work throughout the year and also helps to build a sense of anticipation as we head toward the competition.