Dear Parents and Whanau 

The Board of Trustee met last week for the day to review our years progress and to set the direction for 2015. We would like parents and community feedback to enable us to make our Charter and Annual plan more relevant and also to reflect what our school community values.


Our focusses for 2015...


Positive Behaviour for Learning: This programme is about building a school where students feel safe and valued. We commenced the programme this year and have completed professional development to enable us to get off to a good start next year. We have lots of information about this programme on our web site.


Science: We want to build our teacher knowledge and student understanding around science.


Teacher Inquiry: Teachers are asked to look at an area of their teaching that they want to improve. The teacher has to write a plan work on it throughout the year and present their learning back to the BOT. Teachers have to keep an excellent record and their work has to be linked to improving student achievement.


Literacy and Numeracy: Once again a major focus for the school. We are continually driving to lift student achievement.


21st Century Learning : through the use of digital technologies. This will include continuing our work with the MOA Cluster.


ELL we want to ensure that we are catering for our students for whom English is a second language.


School Leadership: We want to ensure our school leadership team is provided with opportunities to keep abreast of current changes and trends in education as well as growing leadership capacity.


Technology Programme: We want to ensure we have an effective design and technology centre that meets the needs and aspirations of 21st Century learners.


Each year we have about 6 major goals for a school wide focus. These are reviewed regularly throughout the year. The BOT also set a number of goals around property and one of things we want to improve in the school.


Next year the BOT would like to....


Complete the re roof

Upgrade one toilet block

Get the stone wall situation sorted out

Revamp school entrance.

Have an open day for the new design and technology programme, as well as other open days to encourage parents and whanau into the school

Complete the frontage of the Learning Centre with some original art work.

Work with the Home and School to complete playground up grades.

Have a grandparents day

Re survey parents and whanau about school uniforms.

Continue to extend our purchasing programme for computers etc

Ensure the BOT and staff have really good professional development opportunities

Work on improving attendance.

Making sure that transient students are monitored and well catered for in our school.

Re paint office and staffroom area

Warm the corridors in the main block by fitting outside aluminium doors to the outside entrances.

Establishing a new office area in the hall way.

Provide a termly community newsletter

Obviously many other things will happen during the year, but we write these up into an annual plan to help us maintain a focus during the year. The BOT use their knowledge of the community as well as feedback that they have been given by the community to help brainstorm the list.


Before I finalise the plan I would be interested in your feedback


I would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete the survey below, to help me complete the plan. Please return to school by the 17th December or complete online.

How much do you agree? (please fill in one circle on each line)


             Agree strongly, Agree moderately,  Agree a bit,  Disagree