Growing Children With PRIDE

Perseverance, Respect, Initiative,Diligence, Empathy

Big thanks to Fonterra for coming into school today to help educate

 our children on truck safety.

ISTE Conference

I would like to sincerely thank Internet New Zealand and the Board of Trustee for the support provided to attend this conference. Internet New Zealand was also one of the major sponsors of the MOA Awards.

At the conferenec I met Hadi Partovi, which was really awesome. The company that Hadi founded introduced the Hour of Code to New Zealand. This is a really fantastic computer science programme that teaches students how to code using Star Wars and other Disney characters.
Everyone should have a go at doing the Hour Of Code at

I also attended a session with Aaron Sams This was a really great workshop on motivating learners through "Flipping Classrooms" I have read a lot about this and we have tried this by making some learning available to students through the interactive planning and learning portals at school  mainly in Kelly and Anna's classroom. We will be investigating this approach to learning further.

I have also learnt more about Ozobots, and their potential for teaching robotics in a simple,fun and affordable way. Look these up www.ozobot.com

One of my favourite workshops was learning how to design pieces of 3D paper art. The art is then 3D printed on cardboard, using a paper cutter. These produce beautiful pieces of art. The work can also be printed in 2D.

Where to Next

We need to look at ….

  • What is important to us and our students?

  • How do we develop those skills and practices across the school?

  • How do we ensure that our students are well placed to meet the requirements of future learning, thinking and competencies?

  • How do we ensure we have a planned approach based on sound research and pedagogy?

  • “The information technology sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in New Zealand, with a demand for skilled graduates. How do we ensure we are on track by providing our students with the necessary dispositions they require to succeed in this world?

  • How do we continue to develop and advance STEM and computational thinking across the school?

  • How do we involve our parents in a meaningful way? How can we provide parents with the knowledge, skills etc so that they can support their child. “ An awesome example of this is how one of our parents shared with me how he is helping his child with coding at home, since he has been reading about what we are doing at school. At open day we received an amazing response from wide range of parents who were excited by what they saw their children and grandchildren doing with robotics, 3D printing and Tinkercad, arduino etc.Of note is that I received the most ever feedback from male parents and whanau.” This is a good starting point for us.

  • How do we ensure we maintain the professional learning for teachers? A workshop I attended on ‘Flipped Professional Development” has provided me with some different approaches and ideas.

  • The big question; how do we continue to adequately fund these initiatives?

Once Kelly and I have undertaken the self review, we intend to put a proposed strategic plan together. Once this plan has been formulated we will be consulting with teachers,whanau and Board of Trustee.

Check this out.....

Leading and Learning Blog Spot

Pbskids. This site has lots of educational games and videos.



Upcoming Event Information

Year 7 and 8 Camp: 
This will be held on the 7th to  9th November. This camp generally costs between $150 and $200. Sometimes the Home and School are able to supplement some of the payment. I am giving parents and whanau the “heads up” because we will accept payments during the year if you would like to set that up.

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