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Weekly News

STEM Expo: Our students and teachers are working hard to get ready for the STEM Expo which will be held at the Event Centre on the 8th November from 4pm till 8pm. Please put this important date in your diary.

Lamb and Calf Day

This year Lamb and Calf Day will be held on the 19th October. Postponement date is 20th October. This is a great opportunity for the school community to get together. We do need some helpers to make this day successful. If you are able to help on this day for a couple of hours please complete the form below. We need helpers to assist with setting up between 11.00pm and 1.00pm. We also need three helpers to assist in the calf and lamb rings.


Computer Science

Cybersafety: Last week we had John Parsons in school working with Year 5 to 8 students about
Cybersafety and keeping themselves safe while online. John spoke to parents in the evening. The
information he shared was really good and a real eye opener to the parents who attended. I have attached
a copy of the parent information sheet with this newsletter.
Basically John’s message to parents was that the internet and your normal family life are not two separate
things. Our family values should be the same in either space. We teach our children what to do if they are
approached by a stranger in the park etc. We need to teach our children what to do if they are approached
online. We teach our children how we interact appropriately with their friends and adults, the same
behaviour and manners should be reflected online. John warned parents about Facebook, most children
accept friends requests. John stated that this is how people, we do not want interacting with children
generally find out all the information they need to know about a child. In most cases children who have their
parents as a friend rarely get themselves in trouble online. He also stated that once your children are older,
be a friend but have no comment on their page, as they will often "de friend" you. Hopefully you will find the
information sheet useful.