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Moa Awards Coming Soon!!!

School is buzzing with “would be” filmmakers. It seems every spare space is being used as a movie studio. The green screen in the library is proving to be a great asset and seems to be booked out throughout the day.You never know what to expect as you turn a corner. I bumped into zombies to mechanics. It is great to see the excitement. We have an incredibly talented group of students. We know the competition for the coveted MOA Awards is going to be tough this year. I think all of the schools now have their own movie studios. It is lovely to see students being able to share their learning in a digital medium.Our “Curious Minds” Group is also doing an amazing job. These students are currently investigating “wind turbines and using wind power to generate electricity. We hope to enter some of their movies into the documentary session for the MOA Awards.

Paid Union Meetings

You may be aware that the government is currently reviewing the way the education system is being funded. The review does not increase the level of funding. The key proposal cabinet has approved for consultation is called the ‘global budget” This is being likened to bulk funding. For this reason primary and secondary unions have called for paid union meetings so that they can inform teachers, principals, and support staff about the key elements of the review.

In my time as principal I can recall very few such meetings, and I can’t remember a time when the Secondary and Primary Unions have called for joint meetings.

To minimise disruption to the school, we have opted to attend the 1.30pm meeting in Hawera.

I am asking for parents assistance with picking students up at 12.30pm on this day. We are aware that this is a big ask on parents, but we have been informed by the unions that this ‘global budget” could have significant impacts on our school and students.



Upcoming Event Information

9th September School Photos
15th September Whanau Meeting and Union Meeting
16th September Inter-School cross-country at Manaia
22nd September BOT Meeting

Year 7 and 8 Camp: 
This will be held on the 7th to  9th November. This camp generally costs between $150 and $200. Sometimes the Home and School are able to supplement some of the payment. I am giving parents and whanau the “heads up” because we will accept payments during the year if you would like to set that up.

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