Static Electricity

Static Electricity Rotations

For the first few weeks of Term two all students at Opunake Primary were put into mixed age groups.
Everyday the groups went to a different class with a different teacher to explore and investigate different areas of science.
Mrs Procter's rotation in Room 16 was about exploring static electricity, how people can generate this power
and how we can show it exists. Here is the slideshow of the lesson to show our learning journey...

Photos and videos of our experiments

First we learned a little bit about how the electrons work between two objects when two different materials come into contact.
Then the students worked in mixed age pairs to make levitating ghosts using paper, tissue and balloons (charged with hair)
and then they worked through a checklist of nine different materials
to see which ones the charged balloons lifted up or moved and which ones it did not.
(wool fluff, plastic strips, bread bag tags, paper clips, wool string, cotton cloth, felt shapes, tinsel string and a empty aluminium soda can)
At the end of the session we discussed why some objects were able to be lifted or moved and why some were not.
We also discovered that static electricity is harder to generate when it is raining.

Here are some photos and videos of our experiments...

Static Electricity Video