One minute presentation

Nanoparticles “scan” object surface 
We do not invent microscopes from the start. We take ready to use microscope and place over object surface a nanosuspension instead immersion liquid.. Due to Brownian motion nanoparticles „scan“ an object surface. We observe and characterize their behavior with ordinary optical microscope.

Principle «Observe over observer»

We do not observe the object. We observe particles. Such an approach gives us tenfold better resolution. Microscope resolution is not restricted by half wavelength (200nm), but observable nanoparticles size (20nm) 

Unique combination of properties 

All you need is:

  • Optical microscope with CCD camera and computer,
  • Our software
  • Special nanoparticle suspension

With atom force microscope you can get very good resolution, but with very low acquisition speed and with very small field of view.

Optonanoscope is a hybrid device matching all facilities of ordinnary optical microscope and near-field optical microscope. Instant control over field of view, flexibility in magnification factor allow us to find interested region very quickly