Treasure GOLD! is a new, fun, engaging arcade breakout game for players of all ages where YOU control the ball!

To win, just clear each board of different color bricks first and then clear all the Treasure bricks after. In order to clear colored bricks, keys and locks, you hit paint cans to change the color of the ball. Be careful though, there are dangerous poison bricks, lasers, tunnels, bombs and more! Every level is a different kind of challenge!

Features include:

★ 45 levels in 4 level packs with extra levels available using in-app purchase
★ Choose game control with horizontal finger swipe OR accelerometer tilt
★ Save / Pause / Resume games
★ Game settings including listening to your iPod music while playing
★ Practice mode to hone your skills on any level
★ Save high scores or use Game Center to earn achievements and challenge friends
★ Full Instructions

Treasure GOLD! is a great way to build hand eye coordination, improve puzzle and problem solving skills and just have fun!