A few questions for you…

  • Do you lack the time to focus on developing your organisation?
  • Has accreditation highlighted areas for improvement?
  • Would it help to have a fresh perspective, a skilled facilitator and expert guidance? 

Our Services

Developing your organisation

  • Team development
  • Dynamic strategic, operational and program planning
  • Change management
  • Policy development
  • Supervision, coaching and performance management
  • Developing cultural responsiveness

Developing a learning organisation

  • Organisational assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews or surveys
  • Consultation and evaluation skills
  • Governance and leadership skills

Systems advocacy support

  • Campaign planning and reflection
  • Professional development group for systems advocacy workers
  • Coaching / external supervision
  • Advocacy projects
  • Position papers

Meeting current needs

  • Facilitation and active training (no barrage of powerpoints!)
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Meeting standards – assistance with self assessments and implementing improvement plans
  • New Leader and Team Integration Process
  • Strategic conversations
  • Report writing / report editing
  • Review and evaluation
  • Funding submissions
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