Organisational Development

  • Facilitation and Training

  • Mediation

  • Strategic, Operational and Program Planning and Review

  • Project Support

  • Supervision and Coaching

  • Team Development

  • Change Management

  • Developing Cultural Responsiveness

  • Developing Learning Organisations

    • Organisational assessment

    • Stakeholder interviews or surveys

    • Consultation and evaluation skills


  • Create your Ideal Organisation - How to get the organisational culture you want

  • Extra-ordinary Teamwork - How to get your team firing on all cylinders

  • The Art of Effective Supervision - Bring out the best in your people

  • The Art of Influence - Systems Advocacy Skills

  • Towards a Culturally Responsive Organisation

  • Constructive Conflict Resolution - Overcoming barriers to cooperation

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • How to handle difficult people

  • Facilitation skills