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Workshops and Training

A selection of workshops and training:

Irene has designed and delivered hundreds of training sessions on a wide range of topics, reaching thousands of participants. Participants include professionals (Police, Managers, Social/Welfare/Community Workers, Youth Workers, Health Workers, Teachers, Planners, Policy Officers), Social Work students, adults and young people. Interpreters were used when required. Participants have evaluated the sessions very positively, reporting increased skills, knowledge and confidence.

Team Development Carers Queensland, Queensland Working Women's Service, Young Workers Advisory Service, Multicultural Development Association, Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Solomon Islands

Culturally Responsive Service Delivery – for 200 community services and government workers. Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland in partnership with the the Queensland Council of Social Services

Child Protection - Policy, Code of Conduct, Risk Assessment for 192 people. Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Papua New Guinea, Oxfam Solomon Islands, Oxfam Vanuatu, Family Support Centre,  Youth Challenge Vanuatu, Solomon Islands Red Cross

Change Management & Personal Responses to Change Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Papua New Guinea, Oxfam Solomon Islands

Creating your Desired Organisational Culture Oxfam Papua New Guinea

Visioning Oxfam Australia (Pacific Team), Oxfam Papua New Guinea

Social Policy Tutor Department of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Queensland

Systems Advocacy and Campaign Planningfor multicultural advocacy and community workers. Community Action for a Multicultural Society Network

Consumer Representatives’ Skills Training   Four part program: the role of consumer representative, communication skills, committee dynamics and negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Consumers Health Advocacy

Domestic Violence Training for Police Officers    Brisbane Police Academy

Facilitation Skills – for bi-cultural workers. ECCQ HIV, Hep C and Sexual Health Program

Supervision Skills Multicultural Development Association

Learning Organisations International Non Profit Conference, Multicultural Development Association

Evaluation Skills Multicultural Development Association

Community Development Training  City Planning Team, City of Casey

Consumers’ Health Rights - Implications for Practice - for rural health workers. Consumers Health Advocacy

Leadership skills – workshop for African community leaders in Brisbane, Be Fearless Project

Resolving Conflict workshop for the Afghani community in Brisbane, Be Fearless Project

Advanced Mediation Skills - for mediators. Parent Youth Mediation Service, Camcare

Making Peace with your Teenager   Parent Youth Mediation Service, Camcare

Mediation or Counselling? Assessing a Family’s Needs Boroondara Youth Service Providers Network

Reflective Practice – Community Building and Client Participation Community Health Service

Participatory Teaching Methods for teachers. VSN English Secondary School, Thimi, Nepal

Leadership and Life Skills Coursefor year 9 and 10 students. VSN English Secondary School Thimi Nepal

Consultation Skills: Facilitation and Recordingtraining for volunteer consulters. Enoggera Local Area Plan, Picabeen Community Centre

Self Development - Eight session courses in stress management, relationships, communication skills for disadvantaged women. Women’s Health Support Service, Acacia Ridge Community Support

Health Matters Workshops for the public on consumer health rights and responsibilities. Consumers Health Advocacy

Getting a Job in Australia – for refugees and migrants. Multicultural Development Association