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Area 10 Project Space is based at the vast Eagle Wharf premises on Peckham Square, SE15, just behind the landmark Peckham Library. Its vast warehouse spaces and varied smaller units give it the capacity to explore a virtually unlimited range of multi-disciplinary arts practice and creative working processes.

Area 10 Project Space has undergone a new organisational structure to allow even more, bigger and better creative ventures. 'Platforms' suiting both conceptual and physical spaces have been devised to support different art forms, working methods and practical needs. Each platform is run in collaboration with the other ones as well as independently.
This structure includes the following platforms:

1. Performance Platform
2, Music Platform
3. Makers/Workshop Platform
4. Exhibition Platform
5. New Media Platform
6. Outreach Platform (i.e. community, education)
[7. Film platform]

If you are interested in participating in an Area 10 event, developing and/or showcasing your own artistic project, artwork or performance, putting on a curated exhibition or have any other area of interest that may fit one of the listed platforms, please click on ‘platform’ to access additional information and how to get involved.