We are extremely grateful to these institutions without whom this project would not be possible or recognized :

V2_ institute for the unstable media, Rotterdam, NL
Thanks for inviting us to present our research at “Test_Lab: CRISIS!”, special thanks to Michel van Dartel and Alex Adriaansens.

Miller Galery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA
Thanks for inviting us to participate the fantastic exhibition "29 chains to the moon" curated by Andrea Grover and Astria Suparak.

Royal College of Art, London, UK
Where several members of the Open_Sailing members come from. Special Thanks to Nina Pope, Tonny Dunne, Tim Olden, Noam Toram, James Auger, Alex Zivanovic.
Annie and Tetsuo Harada have been supporting the project since its very early stages. We are infinitely grateful for their invaluable help.

Le centre d’etude et de la pratique de la survie, Lorient, FR
We developped the Open_Sailing design in the CEPS Librairy in Pornichet and got trained to safety at sea in the submarine camp K3 in Lorient. We are going at sea with life-saving equipment we are borrowing from the CEPS. Special thanks to Sir Yann Chauty and our instructors.

Area 10, Peckham, London, UK
We are building the Open_Sailing_1 in Area10. Area10 is an amazing art space supported by Soutwark council in the heart of Peckham. We came to know AREA 10 through LuckyPdf, an art and curating group. Special thanks to Dimitri Launder, Oliver Hogan and Dean Kissick who facilitated the whole process.

TED, Long Beach, Los Angeles CA USA
Thanks for choosing Cesar Harada as TED fellow for the year 2010 and giving us the chance to represent Open_Sailing at this most amazing conference.

MIT, SENSEable City Lab, Cambridge MA USA
Thanks for working with Open_Sailing on developing cleaning technologies in the Gulf of Mexico to address the terrible Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Now MIT SCL has its own proprietary research called "SeaSwarm" and Open_Sailing an open-source technology "Protei".

Ars Electronica, Futurelab, Linz, Austria
For invitiing us to present the Open_Sailing in the Ars Electronica 2009. We will exhibit in the Danube River and drift down the black sea, passing by Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Black sea ! Special thanks to Bianca Petscher, Horst Hoertner, Daniela Kuka for their precious help. Our grant [the next great idea] is supported by voestalpine.

Voestalpine, Linz, Austria
Supporting both the Linz 2009 European capital of culture, and the [Next great idea grant].

Linz, European Capital of Culture 2009
In 2009, the Upper Austrian capital will be the “Linz 09″ will be siginificantly supported by voestalpine Group. voestalpine is not only one of the five members of the “Top Club” - the main sponsors -, but also participates in various projects. Besides the main program “80+1″, a cooperation with Ars Electronica Center (AEC), the opening of the new visitors center at the Linz site, which is currently in the final construction stage, will be in the spotlight.

Barbican Galery, London, UK
For invitiing us to present the Open_Sailing in the Radical Nature exhibition lecture serie. Special thanks to Jesse McKee and Francesco Manacorda.

Art and Architecture Association, London, UK
For invitiing us to present the Open_Sailing in London. Special thanks to Alan Thompson.

BASH-Creations, London, UK
Thanks for selecting us for the “Sustainable art awards”. Special thanks to Gina Whitehead, Joe of Bash creations., London, UK
Special thanks to Usman Haque for lending us the PachuBox, the magic box that does so much cyberthings for us!

Open_Sailing was presented in many places, please check our calendar to see the lectures and workshops we did.