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3. Inspirations

Robotic oil spill remediation

Expanding mechanic structure

Hoberman Sphere Via <Jennifer Dunnam

Animal Inspired robots

More Biomimicry

And inspiring equivalent sailing and diving to move around:

Balloons !

Maybe with wind traction balloons are interesting
Via <Sey Min>
A nice website full of flying balloons :

Renewable energy robots

Mobile refinery

If we collect oil and we want to use it in an explosion engine, than we will have to refine the oil. Mobile refinery do exist but this example shows the complexity and size of an installation.

otherwise, burning oil, or feeding a steam engine makes a lot of black smoke : 

There is a process called continuous distillation, very interesting : 

... So maybe using the wind is a good option ...

Swarm Robots

How can we sense - analyze - collect  - sort - preprocess - process - transform - dispose 30'810'000 Liters of crude oil quickly and cleanly? Can distributed intelligence help?

Growing robot

Self-fabricating robots

In more romantic terms, the analogy to self replication is "robot sexuality" / reproduction : but the idea here is not a male and female machines meet and make a smaller child machine, but rather a machine replicates, closer to asexual reproduction as a matter of fact.

And today, 4th of June, the first Self replicated Makerbot!

Amazing! [source]

Robots and Evolution
Hod Lipson builds "self-aware" robots

In a previous study I proposed the concept of "Robodiversity" : same a biodiversity but for "artificial life". I thought a good way to move forward was to map the diversity of existing robots and how they came to life in a parent-child relationship. The bigger idea is that if we understand these relationships, we can understand and improve the development of robotic, ideally sharing engineering ideas and sharing "behavioral code" in an open-source fashion.

Aesthestic considerations and influences





Great projects and links

DIY Drones


AUOOSB (Autonomous Unmanned Open Ocean Sail boat) Forum


dev board


New Orleans Hacker communities
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