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1. Abstract

Open_Games Concept For Open_Sailing

Play with flying, floating and submerged physical architecture to experience the environment.

Open_Games is all about experiencing the surrounding environment and architecture through play.

Isolated passengers aboard an Open_Sailing vessel need to be entertained. Using the project’s installed scientific sensors we will create fun an inventive Open_Games. The Open_Games will relieve boredom and inspire the players to become more familiar with all aspects of their physical surroundings. Players will become motivated to experiment and test their abilities to recognise and react to input from the architecture and environment. Players who master Open_Games will become highly intuitive of their physical space and environment helping to make faster and better predictions of past and future conditions.

Open_Games for the Open_Sailing project is a purely one-way reactive concept whereby the player interacts with physical architecture and the environment to generate desired feedback. The long-term goal of Open_Games is to create a two-way experience where the player and the architecture learn from each other to make a truly conversational experience between human and architecture.

All input is welcome so you may add it here or send me an email. Tim Hull:

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2009-06-17 Tim Hull to Hiromi Ozaki

Just as I had hoped for.

These sensors are what I think we can turn into an interesting game based on the architecture, environment and people. Making use of sensors and their data to create a game will not only be fun but will probably highlight some interesting properties of the Open_Sailing project that might not have been apparent at the outset.

2009-06-17 Hiromi Ozaki to Tim Hull
Gaming and architecture has been a topic I’ve been very interested as well, so great to hear from you! :D
The Buckminster Fuller World game is an obvious example of a visionary architecture game – though it will be good if we can come up with something more intuitive (Buckminster Fuller World game can be a bit preach-y in my opinion..).  Your ideas of using sensors sound interesting, would love to hear more when you come with with more inspirations – in terms of sensors, we’re installing several of them (wave conditions, temperature, pollution, etc, we are currently deciding which ones) on the vessel to stream online and make the data publicly available on a service called Pachube (  We are also using Xbee to create adhoc mesh networks between the vessels to communicate these sensor data, so the vessels can operate using the hi-ve system. Maybe these can inspire your gaming ideas too!

2009-06-16 Tim Hull to Cesar Harada
I can understand Hiromi is very busy. In a project like this there must be any demands. Let us make this game simple

to build and play!

I see where you are going with using hi-ve app as the engine for such a game. I am thinking about it right now.

It is a long-term goal of mine to design game based architecture. There are so many possibilities and it is very exciting.

What I would like to propose is a game that is local to the architecture of the Open_Sailing vessel. The game will be about the physical interaction between the passengers, vessel and environment. The architecture is a key interface to the game. On a broader scale you could imagine the Open_Sailing vessel as a complex organic life form that is a unit within global game as suggested by the hi-ve. On a technical note physical sensor devices will be key to the success of this concept.

2009-06-16  Cesar Harada to Tim Hull
With Hiromi we’ve worked on this app :
Maybe there is a game we can build around this, in a more experimental
way than the Buckminster fuller World game :
Something more flexible and immediate, something that doesnt need a
huge infrastructure or calculation power, with more individually
tailored parameters ? And maybe simple, immediate, pleasurable.
Does it inspire you?

In the framework of Open_Sailing I have been trying to put in practice
my research on Open Architecture. In a sentence is to define an
ecology of constructions (social, material) not by limitative rules,
but by internal dynamic forces. In the realm of video game, that would
mean to put upside down common sense of a definition (limitative) by
an internal forces (expansive)…

In Open_Sailing, when we speak of an operating system we often refer
to the concept of “object oriented politics”… Or computer aided
governance …

2000-06-16 Tim Hull to Cesar Harada
I’m a computer games designer and explorer. I developed computer games for
10 years and I am currently on a global journey researching and documenting
indigenous games.

I love your concept and energy.

I wondered if you had an interest in adding gaming to your project.

Since Open_Sailing is a way of life, it should probably include onboard

Games are a great source of entertainment and team building during long
periods of isolation for close knit communities such as yours.

I would like to design some games specifically for you to play that are an
integral part of the architecture of Open_Sailing.

Tim Hull

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